Our mission is to make the world a cleaner and safer place by closing the hygiene gap.

Bacoban canada
Bacoban canada


Andre brings a results-oriented approach to any situation from 25 years in business and raising 4 kids. He has been an early adopter of this new technology in disinfection and brings 8 years experience in nano-technology cleaning solutions.


Ron is our customer relationship expert. His communication skills are rooted in empathy, active listening, and an ability to understand customer needs. He also brings 50+ years of technical ingenuity and a positive mindset to our team. 

Bacoban canada
Bacoban canada


Sandra looks after our books, accounts, and deals with customer service - all while keeping us organized! She thrives on being a grandmother and helping others be their best self. 



Deb is the creative force driving our business. She designs and maintains our website, marketing materials and serves as an advisor. 

Deb is a passionate mother, entrepreneur and  has a deep interest in health and wellness.