Bacoban® DLUS :  Closing The Hygiene Gap

Controlled release technology allows Bacoban® DLUS to remain active on the surface for up to 10 days.

I've been in the disaster restoration business for over 20 years, and have seen a lot of changes in the industry. One of the biggest and best is Bacoban® DLUS. No more harsh or dangerous chemicals are needed to deal with bacteria, mould, or pathogen problems....



Why Choose Bacoban® DLUS?


- Water based

- Zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

- Fragrance free

- 99.99% efficiency against viruses, bacteria     and fungus

- Maintains a disinfected surface for up to 10   days

- Helps with odour control

- Will not damage surfaces

- Dermatologically tested

- Health Canada Certified (DIN# 02467690)

- Designed in Germany. Made in Canada

- Water based, will not damage surfaces

- Zero VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

- Fragrance free

- 99.99% efficiency against viruses, bacteria and fungus

- Stays active on surfaces for up to 10 days

- Greatly helps with odour control

- Dermatologically tested

- Biocompatible

- Health Canada Certified (DIN# 02467690)

- Designed in Germany, Made in Canada


Bacoban DLUS was applied in 5 droplets on petri dishes. 

The dishes were then left in the lab for 10 days.

On the 11th day E-Coli was introduced and allowed to multiply. 

As you can easily see the E-Coli was unable to multiply into any of the 5 sections which were coated with Bacoban DLUS. 

Productivity and creativity start with healthy work spaces. 



What is Bacoban® DLUS?

Bacoban® DLUS holds aviation approvals from both Boeing and Airbus, the most stringent surface compatibility testing in industry, based on the below specifications and standards:

  • AMS1451B - Aircraft Disinfectant For Use in Cargo Compartments 

  • AMS1452B - Aircraft General Purpose Disinfectant

Bacoban® DLUS holds a Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN) for use in hospitals/health care facilities, institutional/industrial, and food premises.

Bacoban® DLUS is a water based daily cleaner/disinfectant which leaves behind a Multi-Functional Surface. Once the cleaning effect dissipates, a three dimensional nano-structured layer, measuring 40 times thicker than human DNA, is automatically formed and left behind, allowing for up to 10 days of antimicrobial protection.

This ultra-thin film ensures that dust, protein and liquids (i.e. sweat) will adhere loosely to the surface allowing for complete and effortless removal. These surface refinements make Bacoban® DLUS ideal for those organizations who are mandated to maintain regular/periodic cleaning processes.










Conventional disinfectants are immediately effective, however, their efficacy is limited to their contact time. Unwanted bacteria and viruses begin forming almost immediately, mere minutes after a surface cleaning. Using a highly innovative and unique ‘controlled release’ mechanism, the universally accepted active ingredient responsible for Bacoban® DLUS’s antimicrobial effects is released from the nano-structured matrix only when required - allowing for lasting effects of up to 10 days, thus ‘closing the hygiene gap’, protecting the treated surface from microbial growth and virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods.

Extensive third party testing by internationally recognized laboratories confirm efficacy against the below micro-organisms.

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